When we talk about minimalism, we don't really mean to get rid of all the things you possess. It simply means that you should only have stuff that you really need. It is intentionally living only with things that you really need.

It is being free from all the possessions that might affect your thinking and at times, growth. 

As J.D. Rockefeller explains in his book Remove Your Clutter with Feng Shui, we hold on to a lot of materialistics possessions mostly because of the sentimental value they hold. A thing that was of use to us 5 years ago may not be useful to us at all right now. 

Just because that particular item, or as we call it for better understanding- possession, was given to us by our beloved parents/ siblings/ significant other, we are caught in this trap of thinking thart these should always be in our possession. And after years of following this practice, we end up storing hundreds, if not thousands of these both small and big possessions that lose value and have no use over the years. 

That old bookshelf with all the broken shelves that was given to you by your grandfather, or that beautiful painting your favourite aunt gave to you when you moved into your own appartment. I am pretty sure you will be able to think of or even find some of these things in your house right now. 

Now we are not saying that having all these items in your care is bad. Not at all. Its what you do with them that matters. Its the energy that gets used taking care of these things which at the end leasves you with less energy to live out your life. Or whether the feeling of being attached to materialistic things that makes you think that you should have all the possible things in this world. 

In order to best understand this concept, I welcome you to make a list of all the things that are present in your house that are of no need to yourself. Once you start making the list, you will definitely find out how much money we waste in buying things that are of no use to use after using them only a couple of times, if not even that much.