Lessons from BUDDHISM: PART 1


In today's world, everyone that we see around us is involved in themselves, either trying to move along the pace of the world, or just living without having any objectives set. 

Just because the world nowadays is so fast paced, it doesn't mean that our lives have to be too.

Being so involved in trying to survive, people have forgotten who they really are, what their self purpose is and why and who it is that they are really existing for. 

We don't really know what our purpose is....

Is it to be conniving and clever that we hoard on to all the materialistic possession? 

Or is to be compassionate and welcoming towards other people and their differentiated beliefs that we live in a perfect harmony and be proud of ourselves and thankful to others?

Or is there a mix between these two ideologies?

Buddhism plays a very important role in helping us find our true self. To better understand the teachings of the Buddha, the Enlightened One, we must have a proper understanding of these two terms that jhave the world revolving around-

DUKKHA- Suffering, and NIRVANA- The end of suffering.